I’m James Farrell. Welcome to my web page. Here you shall find galleries of my art and calligraphy as well as tips and instructions on how to learn.

After studying Mechanical Engineering, I began teaching myself Spencerian and Round Hand after coming across the IAMPETH website around 5 years ago. At first it was a real challenge to learn how to use the pointed pen and to familiarize myself with the movements and pen, ink and paper combinations.
I have now developed a new modern style inspired by nature and the cosmos, based on the historical Spencerian and Round Hand scripts into an (hopefully) exciting new pointed pen “look”.

I think it is important to try to push the boundaries of the art that you are involved in, to try new ways of doing things and to look at lettering in a slightly different way.

I do hope that my work brings you joy and happiness. If there are any questions that you wish to ask me, please leave a message and I’ll be delighted to get back to you.


Many thanks for viewing my web site
James Farrell

Address: 54, Shelley Road
Marlow - Buckinghamshire - SL7 1LZ - England